1996 was a pivotal year.

eBay was started, Charles and Di got divorced, Dolly the sheep was the first mammal cloned, and, the world feared if they ate a cheeseburger and couldn't remember where they left their keys, they had Mad Cow disease.

This was also the year that Agency Models and Talent was founded in a basement office with a box full of comp cards that were mistakenly used as a litter box by foster kittens, and a sack-load of change harvested from Walmart parking lots.

Thankfully, after that year, things only got better. At least for eBay and Agency Models and Talent.

Since then, Agency Models and Talent has grown into a powerful, and, respected contributor to the advertising and film industry.

Known for finding and developing solid models and actors in the Midwest, we provide talent for commercial and editorial print, television commercials, social media, runway, film, corporate and live industrials, home shopping models and spokespersons, and episodic television.

Our regular clients include, Target, Best Buy, 3M, Menards, EVINE Live, Aveda, Regis, Nike, Footlocker, Eco Lab, HyVee, Evereve, Gopher Sport, My Pillow, all of the area casinos, hospitals, resale businesses including Platos Closet, Style Encore, Once Upon A Child and Play It Again Sports and places you never heard of but, are relieved you know who to call when your toilet clogged, you had a Japanese beetle infestation, or, your child had crooked teeth.

Additonal works of note include large scale extras casting for film giant New Line Cinema, high profile music videos for Aerosmith and Prince, and hometown models becoming super models that went on to be featured in major campaigns for Versace, Prada, GAP, Donna Karan and even gracing the cover of Vogue.

Through the years, we have prided ourselves on our personal connection to our clients, producers, models and actors.

We value all who participate in this business with hopes of mutual success, and, we put equal amounts of energy and concern into your final vision that we produce as a team.

To Agency, you are not just a product or a paycheck, but, our friends and family.




Kari Larson


Born in Bismarck, ND, founding member and co-owner of Agency Models and Talent, Kari Larson came to Minneapolis in the late 80's with nothing but a rape whistle and a dream.

She had just transferred from Southern Methodist University to the U of M and discovered she needed a way to pay for stuff. Since Deja Vu already had "3 ugly ones" she opted for the glamorous world of commercial print, modeling sleeping bags, flimsy plastic floaties in ice-cold swimming pools, and bedazzled rayon pantsuits with shoulder pads that were the envy of NFL linebackers.

When home shopping was in its infancy, Kari C-Stepped her way into a job as an on-air model/talent on a home shopping channel (CVN now QVC) where she fake-exercised on rickety treadmills, modeled fur coats of a questionable origin, and played a sexy nurse that fondled knock-off hummels for the "Dr. of Shopology."

To support her habit of adopting gimpy shelter pets, she also worked as a makeup artist and a modeling school instructor where young hopefuls paid $5,000 to learn how to walk with a book on their heads.

When Ms. Larson tired of the model's diet of celery and Crystal Light, she became an agent and then, a short time later, opened Agency Models and Talent, where she unabashedly exploits other people for their looks and abilities.

Maria Ojile


Agency's Co-Owner, Co-Founder Maria Ojile, spent her early adult life dreaming of becoming a sports announcer and/or comedian. Instead of choosing either path, Ms. Ojile set her sites on making the dream a reality for other aspiring talent. Maria's coaching and comedic skills are still useful in helping talent navigate the treacherous waters of home shopping and corporate training videos.

Beyond booking models and servicing clients, Maria is constantly strategizing and implementing new ideas to help Agency Models and Talent stay cutting edge and relevant. Maria puts thought and passion into everything she does.

With a background in production, event planning, and marketing, Maria has worked all over the world for international clients including CVN, ESPN, MTV, and the International Special Olympics. In the early 1990's Maria was drawn to talent management and parlayed her diverse background into a successful career in the modeling and talent industry as an agent and business owner.

Steve Voegeli

New Talent Director

Stephen began shooting photographs in the Dark Ages with a pinhole camera made from a cardboard box, duct tape, and some photographic paper.
After going through the “The Polaroid Years”, followed by his first $99 Kmart special SLR Camera, he studied various styles of photography while frying his brain on darkroom chemicals in the college years shooting mostly landscapes while studying about Ansel Adams. Encouraged by Kari Larson and David Voogd, the early 90’s revealed the fun and energy of shooting things that moved and took direction, AKA, models! When Agency Models opened in 1996 Stephen began working as the in-house portfolio photographer and has loved it ever since. Stephen is also the New Talent Director for Agency Models And Talent, helping usher new talent in the door and getting them up-to- speed on how the agency works and what is needed to compete in our competitive market.
As “Stephen Voegeli Photography” he shoots many projects for the Agency and does commercial portfolio fashion sessions with any talent that needs a new headshot, or just needs to freshen up their look for clients. Stephen still works in Landscape Photography, but also also shoots with a number of amazing local Interior Designers to get images of their home remodeling projects for promotional use in magazines and competitions. As a sideline Stephen also loves shooting headshots for dogs, they make wonderful subjects. You can see examples of his work in all areas at stephenvoegeli.com He can be reached at, steve@agencymodelsandtalent.com or his personal email, stephenvoegeli@gmail.com